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Our Services - The Three BrainMarketer Pillars

Internet Marketing

Creating an online business is so much easier than creating a traditional business: No need for big spaces to rent out or to or buy, no need for massive investment in machinery or in stock, relatively quick results and steadily growing potentials... but let´s face it: it is not as easy as some "Gurus" want to make you believe.
It does actually require some work.

Just like building up any kind of serious business requires some work to make it happen. There is methods and processes, and you need to understand a few things. You will need to use some software, and - depending on your business - most likely some online services, too. 

Our gold standard trainings have been hand selected to really give you all the info you need to succeed online - and all of them are 100% actionable. No dull theory, no fake hype and no unrealistic promises - just plain high end training from experienced practitioners.

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for Internet Marketing

While creating BrainMarketer.com we found that - in some cases - it is pretty handy to have your own in-house software. In other cases, we just ran into some very interesting opportunities to acquire some fully developed software that we liked, and in some cases, we had some software developers write or modify it for us.

We have a bunch of software products on hold, that we will publish over time, so  that you, too, can profit from our experience and from our hand picked and/or custom developed software.

And we have a list of software products that we don´t own, but use on a regular basis. We make no secret out of this, and in some cases we negotiated a special deal with the software creators.

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Internet Marketing Assets

When starting an online business, you have several options to choose from. The easiest/fastest online business being Affiliate Marketing, where you promote other peoples´ products online, be it digital products or physical products. In the end, you receive a commission for sales that you helped make. 

A bit more advanced is the strategy of giving away something in exchange for a subscription, a so-called Lead Magnet. In the digital world, that can be a pdf report or a video - just like the ones on our Free Resources page.

Even more advanced (and also more lucrative) is selling your own products online. But then, of course, you need to have a product to sell online..

Well, we got you covered on this one: We have prepared several digital product packages, that you can start selling in no time.

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My brand value skyrocketed and I could charge 5 times more than before

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